Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update on my OPI Gel Manicure!

Well, Christmas has come and gone! I wrapped my little heart out~ And my hands too! As you can see, this is almost 1 week with my OPI Axxium gel polish and they still look perfect! I can honestly say there is not one chip or blemish. I have wrapped a ton of gifts, put together toys, ripped open packages, gone in the jacuzzi, and........put away my entire house of decorations and still BEAUTIFUL nails!

I will send another photo in the new year! I plan on keeping these sparkling nails through the new year!

Happy New Year to all of you! I am ready for some new Gel clients in 2011 so let's chat! XOXO

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Axxium Gel information

Just a information for you on the Axxuim Gel I use! Let's get those nails looking pretty in 2011~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Artificial nails need a break from product? TAKE A LOOK AT HOW THEY SHOULD LOOK!

 Okay Gals! Today I took off my client Michelle's Gel nails. This is what nails under artificial products should look like after removal. A nice set of natural, smooth nails. Notice there are NO dents and No divots. Michelle had me put on a set of gels a few months ago for some special events she was attending. We extended her natural nails with Pink and White ibd gel over tips. She kept them up for a few months and decided to go back to her natural shorter length.
Photo of Michelle's nails AFTER gel removal and a mini manicure. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Michelle has decided that she loves the look of polish on her nails. She is coming in soon for OPI Axxium Gel Polish.

Axxium Gel Polish is a product by OPI. It is a chip resistant, flawless manicure that lasts up to 3 weeks. NON CHIPPING POLISH ~ Who knew!
OPI Axxium comes is lots of the popular OPI colors!

Michelle's nails are manicured with OPI polish and Creative Solar Oil
OPI color: Tickle my Francy! One of my favorites.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let's give those natural nails some strength!

This client loves natural nails but has a hard time keeping them all one length without chipping and breaking. We opted for a thin layer of Pink Brisa Gel with a Clear Top Coat so that her natural nails would have some strength and hold up longer. She comes about every 3 weeks for a rebalance.

Pink Brisa Gel and Top Coat on natural nails.

From plain and short to Beautifully Manicured!

Here is an example of a client who wanted pink and white gel put directly on her short nails. If your nails are all about the same length, this can turn out to be a beautifully natural looking manicure.

Pink and White ibd Gel over natural nails.

Natural nail on the left and Gel Overlay on the right.

Get WILD if you will!

How cute are these!! My lovely client (and my sweet daughter Maddie's, teacher) Rock these nails from time to time! Go Ms. Monique!

Pink Gel with Black Axxium OPI gel tips

Danielle's Natural Gel Overlay

Danielle is a wonderful client who loves the look of gel but likes to keep the natural pink look of her nails. These are Danielle's real nails with a natural pink overlay. She comes in for a rebalance about every 3 weeks. She is great at keeping up on the care of her cuticles by using her Creative Solar Oil on a daily basis!

Danielle you Rock!

Pink and White Gel Overlay

Look at those beautiful hands! Kristin is a wonderful client who keeps up on her nail care. Depending on the length of your nail bed, you too can achieve this natural look!

Pink and White Gel on Kristin Sahagun. These are Kristin's natural nails with Pink and White Overlay on top.

My sweet family!

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